We hit the ground running on November 5 with three doryaks to build. As usual, the hulls come together deceptively fast.

Hannah’s lovely bouquet of bronze screws.

Bottoms up!

We dedicated the new hulls in proper fashion with some Arizona-made sake. Delicious.

We also kicked off the winter with a couple house concerts. The house sure dresses up nicely.

The amazing Nathan James came back for his third show here. He just keeps getting better.

And the Brothers Reed blew all our minds. I can never get over how amazing it is to have this kind of music in my living room.

We put a motor transom on MOE, the Nevills replica, so Dawn could explore the diminished Powell reservoir with Tad Nichols’s camera.

And I got a wild new ebike to take me up to the mesa. I still get out of breath.

Get to work, dammit! We milled out rubber outer chines. A bit more odiferous that usual.

Next we complimented the stench with the sweet smell of contact cement.

Right-side up now, and in with the framing.

Roy is trying out the newly gifted scroll saw. We like it.

Sometimes it really is quitting time.

A day off to play on the roof, cleaning the gutters and enjoying the view.

It has long been a problem to steam bend here at 7,000 feet, where water boils at less than 200 degrees. Here’s the new solution. Seems to work!

But some evenings we forget to quit. The model for our mini-boat get into the tequila this evening.

So did we, I think. We invented the Fretwater Rocket Stool. Now taking orders.

Navel exercises are a nautical thing, right?

When life gives you bow ties, wear them.

Another evening captures the crew. This is an hour or two after we “quit.”

Back to immediate gratification. Magic two o’clock light on the painting team.

Cricket demonstrating tape-free edging.

Lydia is a quick study:

We have also ruined Glade’s life. He’s stuck now.

Lydia has been putting her nose to the grindstone.

More multi-tasking.

Cricket is upping the game, teaching the complex art of freehand edging with a cheap Chinese chip brush, while balancing between the drill press and table saw without spilling her beer.

Everyone dematerialized a couple days before Thanksgiving, I got the adjustable footbraces laid up and quit as well. We’ll finish up next week.

Except that I can’t leave the shop. Too much to stare at.