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Fretwater Boatworks is a small eclectic boat shop. On a mountain. In the desert. Far from water. We specialize in Grand Canyon Dories, their relatives, derivatives, and associated accoutrements. And random other boat like things. We blend heritage and tradition with newer ideas and crosscurrents, never doing it quite the same twice. We build them for hard rugged use, and we love our work. You can’t beat this place for fun.

You can’t beat this place for Fun.


February 16th, 2021|News|

The doryaks are taking a short vacation while we bang out an all new boat. It's basically a Briggs Grand [...]

Triplets and Play

February 16th, 2021|News|

Here it is mid-February and I haven't gotten caught up on shop doings in nearly two months. Bad blog boy. [...]

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