2012 D1
2012 D2
2015 Bob
2018 Bears Ears
2018 D3
2018 D4
2018 D5
2018 Wild Child
2019 Shaman’s Gallery
2020 Papa Bear


Modern gear loads, menus, and growing human body sizes have driven a demand for a more commodious boat than the classic Briggs. We’ve been working on that.


Wild Child

Wild Child Fretwater alumnus Mike Guryan wanted a Bears Ears-sized boat. We built her in the shop in 2018 and he did the [...]


Shaman’s Gallery

Shaman’s Gallery In 2019 Canyon Explorations wanted to start running dories and commissioned Shaman’s Gallery. It’s another Bears Ears clone, and the first [...]


Papa Bear

Papa Bear In 2020 we built a second dory for Canyon Explorations’s fleet: Papa Bear, a near-identical sister ship to Shaman’s Gallery. Back [...]



D1-D5 In 2012 Arizona Raft Adventures (AzRA) bought two aluminum hulls. We helped design the interior and later added wooden gunwales and brightwork. [...]



Bob My friend of Very Large Stature asked me to design a much larger Briggs boat to fit his anatomy in 2015. Bob [...]


Bears Ears

Bears Ears We designed this boat to be the ideal modern size—somewhere between Bob and a Briggs. It has 25% more volume than [...]