2007 Juan
2009 Dui
2012 Blacktail
2013 Olo
2014 Running Bare
2015 Papa Juan
2015 Painted Desert
2015 Brown Betty
2016 MITS
2016 Ashley
2017 Pihl
2017 Katie Lee
2018 Seedskadee


The  McKenzie is the better-known of the two styles of drift boat (or river dory), developed on the river of that name in Oregon. They are typically smaller, narrower in the tail, open, and have a continuous curve from to back. They are great for the smaller rivers they were built for, and we build quite a few.



Seedskadee Kelly and our crew built this lovely semi-decked McKenzie in 2018. Kelly and Seedskadee have been on the river ever since. Back [...]


Katie Lee

Katie Lee Kate Aitchison spent two months in 2017 transforming the two side-panels of this boat into 60+ square feet of woodcut—a panorama [...]


Brothers Keeper

Brothers Keeper Our 2017 WoodenBoat School class built Brothers Keeper. She went home with brothers Glen and Dean, hence the name. Back to [...]


Brown Betty

Brown Betty Roy Lippman built the second clone of the Betty Boop in my shop in 2015. He had some guidance from me—but [...]


Papa Juan

Papa Juan Following our 2015 Fretwater class, some of the students built another McKenzie, mostly in my absence: Papa Juan. Good students! [...]


Painted Desert

Painted Desert Painted Desert, a McKenzie, came out of my first Fretwater Boat School class in 2015.  Back to all McKenzies [...]


Panga & Running Bare

Panga & Running Bare In 2014 we built two Rapid Roberts—a modified McKenzie with a broad tail for motoring. Alan Motter and Connie [...]



Olo Jim McKenzie built the first clone of the Betty Boop with my help in 2013: Olo. She makes Jim smile a lot. [...]



Blacktail I helped Roy and Amy Lippman build this McKenzie in my shop in 2012: Blacktail. She doubles as Amy’s studio bed when [...]


Juan and Dui

Juan and Dui In 2007 Dan Dierker and I, after years of messing around with wood boats, decided to build one with Roger [...]