Sometime during my last river trip, Fretwaterlines passed a quarter-million hits since its inception seven years ago. That’s an average of over one hundred hits per day. Many thanks to all you goofy folks that read my blatherings. And Спасибо! to all the Russian and Ukrainian hackers that have made up 5.75% of those views. I hope y’all have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Last week’s post about Kate Aitchison’s woodcut dory, has already risen to the third most popular post yet, with nearly 2,000 hits. My god that’s a pretty boat.

The largest source of traffic is coming from, of course, Google, but more and more referrals are coming from FaceBook. Last week a huge blast of viewers came from Twitter, a source that I have not ventured into. Someone must have twitted me. And to date, 51% of viewers are on Macintosh devices—gratifying to an old Apple-geek like myself.

Someone asked me the other day if there were any higher boatshops. Hoping they meant altitude—Fretwater Boatworks is at precisely 7,000 feet—I asked around. The two contenders I could think of, Andy Hutchinson’s High Desert Dories in Dolores, Colorado, and Marty Schlein’s Blue Sky Woodcraft in Carbondale, are both over 6,500 get, but both come in a touch lower. So until an alert reader tells me otherwise, I may as well claim that peculiar title. Certainly the highest solar-powered boatshop.

But seriously, a boatshop at 7,000 feet above sea level in the middle of the desert?