A year ago my friend Wade came out from Connecticut to help teach a little fundamentals of boatbuilding course with me. I focussed on building a wee drift boat in the south bay, while Wade took those interested into more intensive lofting in the north bay. They drew up the cutest ever little Swampscott dory and got a few parts built and all the molds for forming the hull.

This year we are taking the next step, building the little thing. Getting started was the hardest part–figuring out what was what and where the parts go. What do these lines on the mylar mean, anyhow?

On day one we put up the strongback, finished and installed the transom, and chiseled out the rabbet line of the stem. Here are David, Zasha, and Brian chiseling away.

At day’s end I cut out the floor wrong and had to make a new one. Damn it. Then we went to see Bernie, but got there too late.

Today went better. We fiddled around a good deal getting things in just the right places, cut out the floor correctly this time.

Ants is screwing the transom to the foot.

Rooster is cutting out the garboards.

Then we hung the garboards, which are the bottom-most side panels.

And congratulated ourselves. Tomorrow we rivet.

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