There are a few missing links in the blog. Here are a few snaps from the last half year. The two Rapid Roberts we built in March went home and got their innards build and paint put on. Here is Connie’s Running Bare

And Alan’s Panga

We harnessed a team of horses for an upriver expedition. People always ask me why we put transoms on dories. Here is one reason.

And on the other end of the boating spectrum we spent a lot of time on our paddle boards.

I got the new ash gunwales on this wee aluminum dory.

And went down Grand Canyon in paddle boats, motor rigs, and dories. Here are a couple of my offices.

We didn’t let a lot of the folks ride in our boats this year.

Some of our folks didn’t even have boats.

Food was down to the usual moldy bacon and rancid flour.

It is sure a pretty place down there.



Here are some shots of me hard at work, by photographer Catherine Zuzii Ryan.