In the five years since I built my shop, I have been wishing the eaves of the carport were a whole lot wider. Each winter the avalanches and snowmelt have cascaded down in front of my door and into my woodshed, making glaciers and glare ice. This shot does not do it justice, but you can see traces of the winter snows a couple years ago.

And as we get older, that thing about falling down on the ice gets pretty serious. So I rented a gigantic crane thingy last week and am spending each day way up in the air schlepping beams, joists, and plywood into place. Here are a few shots from the crane extended up its full 45 feet. Two new support beams for the north extension:

North extension framed and sheathed, south extension framed in.

Margeaux enjoying a crane ride.

An unusual view of my house from the high lift. Interesting that twelve sheets of the galvanized roofing I put up thirty years ago decided to rust while the others are holding tough. You can just make out the snow-capped San Francisco Peaks in the background.