Or is that redux?

As I was getting ready to cut the bowpost I finally saw the major goof in my lofting lines – the side view of the chine line ended in a different place than the top view. Which is impossible. Since I have no space warp in my boatshop (it is on my wish list), the ducks and I had to revise a line and re-cut the two forward rib stations. All better now.

Then on to the bow post, cut from a mighty timber of Port Orford Cedar. Wonderful wood. This beautiful, clear chunk came from Gold Beach, Oregon, when I went up to fetch the Betty Boop a couple years ago. It’s been waiting patiently in the shop for a purpose.

Last Christmas Scott, whose boat the Rio Rojo is to become, gave me an ancient Marples block plane with a Sheffield steel blade. A very cool tool. Tonight I got it working, sharpened it, and used it to put the taper in the bowpost bevel. The shop is now redolent with the sweet smell of Port Orford Cedar. Yum.

The battens agree that fixing the chine line was a very good idea. 

Time to scarf together some sides and bottom.