Lots of bracing work today, which is not as exciting as it may sound. Not very bracing, that is. Adding torque, seeking plumb. With all the molds suspended in space, we need to make sure they are in the right part of space. At least in the right galaxy. So with plumbers tape, screws, and levels, we nudge things ever closer to plumb.

And glory be—the battens lay on perfectly fair. Something to be said for that lofting business.

And finally: part one of the Rio Rojo begins: the transom, laid up from thinner plywood. I am using the fine new tool I received—a wee eighteen-inch piece of railroad, which I can barely lift. Makes me wonder if a piece that small weighs that much, what does the rail system in America weigh? Bet it would hurt if you dropped it on your toe.


Speaking of really heavy things, Moe’s oarlocks arrived today. That’s not a dime. That’s a quarter. Yikes.