Here is a silly video of us assembling a drift boat at Fretwater Boatworks on Friday evening. This is a Woody Hindman 16′ double-ender with transom, from plans in Roger Fletcher’s Drift Boats and River Dories. With frames, sides, bow post and transom prepared, we build the hull in 80 minutes. Roy and Amy Lippman, whose boat this is, are calling it “Blacktail.” Had the GoPro not run out of gas, it would have captured the insertion of the inner chines and application and finishing of the floor a couple hours later.



(video is lost in space at the moment)

It is just as well that the camera did not record the mayhem that ensued after that. There was a bad reaction between wild women and a celebratory bottle of tequila that resulted in torn clothing, bite marks, and inexplicable bruises. I guess we should stick to whiskey.