Progress, for some unexplained reason, has slowed to a crawl the last couple days. Mostly I have been staring, muttering, going back to the house for more coffee and, ever-so-slowly, figuring how best to do hatch interfaces, deck joints, etc., in such a way as to make everything come out nice and smooth and looking like that’s how it was supposed to be. Mmm hmm. Maybe a snack will help. Maybe someone has emailed me. Better go check. And so on.

As I said a few days ago, I think I just finished the really hard, confusing pieces. I said that again the next day, and again yesterday. Maybe tomorrow I will say it once more. There are only eight more wee sticks to cut and the deck framing is done. Really.

Decking dories is a funny thing. It’s pretty handy if you are going to run Grand Canyon or maybe a high-water run in Cataract. But other than that, you really don’t need it. It weighs a lot, takes up all sorts of time and materials to do, and is that much more stuff you can damage and have to fix. There’s a lot of good reasons the Oregon and Idaho boats are mostly open.