I got all the little frame pieces affixed that the decking will attach to. Only 13 pieces of decking to cut! And five hatch lids! Piece o’ cake.

For some reason I decided to keep one piece of the original decking–the leany-back face of the trunk. I should have pulled that too, but I just wanted one piece from it’s former incarnation. I dunno…

The bow bulkhead is now about three inches further inboard in order to coincide with the ribs. Seemed to make a lot more sense than having a second rib in the middle of the footwell.

She still looks pretty scary with all that weathered wood and peely paint, but it’s an illusion. She’s pretty damned sound now. Well, mostly sound. Sound enough to roll over and remove the bottom. Then we’ll see what scary things emerge. I think the inner chines will need the center 60% replaced, and a few pieces of the outer wall will need scarfing in. But that’s not too bad.