Well. Hmm. Let’s see. This morning I equalized the sheer so that both top boards are the same—that is to say, symmetrically kinda close to correct. We’ll fine tune them a bit more once it’s right side up.

Jess and I riveted the final strake on while Dan finished off about a zillion screws that needed replacing or tightening.


And that was it. The hull was pretty much done. Yoohoo!
Time to trim and do a few details: Plane off the chine.
Trim the transom.
Chink the bottom.
And start the process of LTV. That is, Linseed oil, Turpentine, Varnish (spar). An equal mix of the three, brushed on until she can’t drink no more, then rubbed dry.
This may sound easy, but there are some factors. Turpentine fumes. Thirst. Whisky. And the time between coats increases the exposure to all these things. The good part was, we cleaned the shop between coats two and three.


And were done early enough to quit at a sensible time. But first, a few photos. Damn, she’s pretty.

And a little whiskey.
And a few photos of the whiskey.


Wait, that’s a whole nuther bottle.
So much for quitting early.


Let’s not start too early tomorrow. Sunday, you know.