Today was the first time—hopefully of not too many times—that Edith rolled right-side up. It went surprisingly smoothly. We disconnected the strongback from the floor, slipped the hoist straps beneath her, and pushed the magic control button to see if she’d fly. The shop monster levitated from the floor.

Then we gathered around and did it for real.
Wow. Nothing exploded. There she sat, like a big beetle flipped on her back, legs in the air.
After disconnecting the strongback from the hull we hoisted it free—the chrysalis shedding her husk.
After knocking down the strongback we hoisted it to the storage loft until the next Galloway build, or until it gets in the way. Or until I run out of firewood.
And there she sat. A naked hull.
Looks good from this end. The afternoon sun spot from the stairwell approves of her.
Looks good from the other end too. I think we’ll keep her.

The sheer line is a bit wobbly. As Jerry Briggs once pointed out to me, it only takes about 1/8 inch too high or low for a gunwale line to look really wrong. We’ll fix that when we put the gunwales on. It will involve a lot of walking in circles, squinting, hemming, hawing, and perhaps a beverage or two.

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Climbing aboard, I imagine standing in the cockpit, pushing into Granite Falls. Eeek.