A short post after a long day.

We finished the floor today. After a brief toast to that, we pulled down most of the rough-cut fletch-sawn cedar from the racks, cut it into the widest planks we could, loaded it onto my trailer, and took it out to Dan’s shop to use his big giant planer. The big giant planer was a little cranky, but by about dark we finished planing off what I calculate—at the rate I paid for these planks—about $300 worth of aromatic wood shavings. My trailer load was far smaller coming home. The evening session was cancelled due to out-of-town friends arriving and a great quantity of beer being consumed.

One of the first things I did this morning was snap the only combo drill bit I had that would drill the perfect pilot, shank, and countersink holes for the fancypants silicon bronze floor screws. We tried to fake it with grievous results. So until I can find another perfect bit, drilling for the screws will be three different processes instead of one. I hope the drills don’t get any ideas in their heads about taking over the shop.

Next up: scarfing the garboards for installation this weekend.