Today I invented a jig for cutting the step-scarfs that bind two long-ish boards into one really long board for the side panels, or strakes. I also finally came up with an accurate approximation of just how wide each strake should really be, based on photos of the real boat, as the plans were rather vague about this. The good news is, we cut enough boards of the proper width yesterday to do the boat, and the scarfing jig worked. So the first two sets of strakes are being glued up as I type.


Dan spent quite a while planing and grinding and sanding the chine line into the right angle to receive the strakes, and I fine tuned the forms to the proper angles so the strakes should actually lay pretty flat against the chine and forms.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow when we try to put on a few strakes. If all goes well, this is the last light the shop-monster eyes will see until we roll the boat and pull the forms.