Yesterday we milled out the rest of the floor planks and spent quite a while punching out small loose knots. Then we reamed the loose bark out of the knotholes and filled the voids with dark epoxy. I got those all smoothed out this afternoon and we beveled and laid four of the six floor planks. They go on a lot quicker that one might think. And if we hadn’t gotten so hungry, we’d have finished them. Mañana.

There is something aesthetically delightful about a long row of clamps. Or maybe I am just a shop nerd.

Boating friends Stu Reeder and Tim Cooper, in town for a First Aid refresher, get snared into the late shift.

We got one more on before we fled for food. Two more in the morning. Then we have to pull down most of the cedar off the racks and pick out enough for the side strakes—four for each side, and each will be scarfed from two pieces. So that’s sixteen planks. Hell, make it twenty in case something goes wrong.