Dan came by today and we stabilized the strongback with vertical and lateral bracing. She feels pretty solid.

Note the quad exhaust ports for the inboard turbodiesel. Okay, they’re access ports to fasten and later unfasten the transom to the form. It still looks pretty small and narrow to me, but also amusingly like some sort of skeletal dinosaur/centipede crawling across the shop floor.

Much as I hoped to get an actual piece of the boat attached to the strongback before leaving town, that will be left until I get back in a couple of weeks. In the meanwhile my mind’s wheels will be grinding and smoking about how to blend the big, gnarly oak chines into the bowpost, how to get the first strake to lie correctly, how to convince all those well-wishers that have said they’d love to help–to actually show up and help pound in several hundred copper rivets in February. It’s FUN! REALLY!.

Tomorrow–off to the Arizona/California border to run the lower Colorado River above Imperial Dam–a stretch I have never run. Ellsworth Kolb ran it in 1912 on flood in a beat up old skiff. Hasta luego amigos anonymoso…