Today it was bulkhead forms, eleven of them. The big guesswork in this is trying to subtract the thickness of the side strakes from the plan outline and then figure out the actual angles of the strakes. On the original boat the strakes actually bend to the form of the curved boat-side a bit, making it even a bit more complex. All this will no doubt sort itself out in time as the boat comes together.

Translating the offset tables into shapes:
(One fun part of this is finding the errors in the offset numbers and being able to correct them.)

The bowpost cutout area:
This crazy boat looks more like a canoe!  Four feet wide at the gunwales, sixteen feet long. Ack. The thought of sliding into Granite Falls, or worse yet, Lava Falls, makes me the teensiest bit queasy–but no sense running the rapids before I have a boat.