Okay. I finished the coffee table this morning that I started late last night (to get the wood out of my way, you see), loaded the McKenzie on the trailer (to get it out of the way), stuck a few last labels on my new drawers (just because), and finally…

…began the Edith.

This afternoon involved marking out the floor where the strongback will go; deciphering the lines drawing to figure out the actual strongback layout (boat outline less thickness of sides/bottom) marking the plywood centerboard of the strongback and… actually cutting them out and installing them on the floor. There is a notch for each of the eleven stations, and tomorrow’s project includes crafting those, inserting them, and square/plumb/leveling the entire beast.

In the close-up I have outlined in red and green the two-piece bowpost that will set into the strongback and somehow join up with the converging chines. Those details of joinery are hidden in the original boat, due to the built-in galvanized hatch-liners. The bad news is I’ll have to figure it out. The good news is no one can point out that I did it wrong.