After a few days in the Lazyboy chair it was time to get back to work. Cataract had a few issues that needed attention:

And Hetch Hetchy has an issue as well:

We got a contract for another 1/6 scale dory and set to work on that:

We encountered a few issues and started a second mini boat, which also had issues. We eventually resolved the issues and ended up with two boats. Then the customer vanished. *sigh*

Time for a break. Dawn and I headed west to the Lower Colorado for a wee float below Needles.

There are billions of coyotes out there. And it was a full moon.

The coyotes liked the sunrise too.

It’s a lot of work out there.

Cool rock art:

And on across Lake Havasu.

Back at home a new house has inserted itself into the viewshed:

So we flew in a Bobcat:

Which carried in some lovely new trees (which have spread out considerably since this picture was taken):

Our signpainter friend Vladimir showed up to do a private Grand Canyon trip. We decided to send a Doryak out with him:

And Dawn’s shed needed a new roof:

When Vladimr returned we put him to work. RJ’s Doryak needed letters. Hannah stayed warm sewing by the fire:

The wooden oarlock blocks were failing on the Doryaks, so we milled some new ones out of High Density PolyEthylene.

With Cataract in for repairs, and Vlad in the shop, we suddenly decided the old vinyl letters had to go. Stickers are for ammo cans:


A few of the clunky Baskerville letters got an upgrade. Look what that R is up to:

Comparing the old with the new:

But seriously. We need to build some boats. On Monday we began milling and assembling parts for three new Doryaks.

It’s amazing how much tension can be stored in a straight plank, only to explode when you cut it.

And finally this afternoon we got to build boats. Our new shop record: three hulls in under two hours.