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Upon returning from our Glen Canyon outing, my shop crew all went on holiday for a few weeks. I spent the time puttering about the house and working on Peekaboo.We kicked off our winter house concert series with the return of one-man blues band Nathan James. As expected, he put on a fabulous show for a full house.


I’m not quite sure what size oars Peekaboo wants. Probably eight-footers, but I went ahead and built some eight-and-a-halfs. I figure I can cut them down a bit if they seem too long. It occurred to me that rather than carry a hundred clamps to the oar bench pen the far side of the shop, I cou.d just glue them up on top of the clamp rack table.

And then the fun part–carving the shafts and blades. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to use my fancy Lie-Nielsen planes. Such fine tools. Reminds me of a quote.

Among the men who ply the various trades I have observed that the ones who work with boats—designers builders and users—are usually happier than most others and of these the very happiest in my opinion are boatbuilders who use edged tools and work in wood. Such would makes demands on, and seems the therefore to satisfy the whole man—hand, eye, ear, brain, and heart.
Dynamite Payson 



Stitching on her moccasins.

On the other side of the shop I whittled away at decking.

Hatch lids.



Cricket and Justin finally returned and we set to the final touches. Tracing the name onto the bow.



Trying to remember our sign-painting lessons from Vladimir




Time for a little crew vacation after two days in the shop. Heading up to the San Juan and Westwater to try out Peekaboo and give some of the other boats some exercise. Mere words can to express how excited we are to take adorable little Peekaboo through her paces on some serious whitewater.