My traveling boatbuilding mania is over for the summer and I got to wind down with a couple great river trips in my old dory Cataract. Here’s a peculiar sign as you approach Lees Ferry. I’m pretty sure the view is doing just fine.


Cataract catching a little lunchtime shade.

The tranquility of Kanab Creek.

The reason we bring beer cans on the river. For this purpose we have to drain them.

Between trips a party of old dory folk, about to send a 100th birthday greeting to Esther Litton.

Then it’s back upriver for Dory Moon’s most preposterous trip yet: a 23-day trip from Glen Canyon Dam to Pearce Ferry. Logistics ranged from impractical to improbable to simply implausible.

Ryann, who spent a year or more assembling the incredible Glen Canyon exhibit up in Green River, gets her first look at Glen Canyon Dam and sends it her best.

The classic Horseshoe Bend photo from river level.

Beneath the Dory Moon, the eternal watchers observe our evening campfire and await our awakening and morning groover activities.

Glen Canyon Rocks.





On day three we passed Lees Ferry and headed down into the Great Known. Coming out of Sapphire Rapid.

Pausing at Elves Chasm.

Tim and the Great Unconformity.

Deer Creek Falls. 26 rafts, 9 dories, 3 kayaks, and 2 duckies. Perhaps the greatest October cluster of all time.

On across the reservoir we went, ending with a last walk to Pearce Ferry Rapid. It is eating away the rock barrier quite rapidly. It’ll be interesting to see the gradient claw its way upriver in the next few years.

And now its back to the boat shop for a winter of boatbuilding. Yippee!