The months just keep whooshing by. It’s river season so at least I have an excuse. I took Hetch Hetchy downriver for a spin. Here she is about to launch into Grand Canyon for the first time in about 45 years.

She got to stare downstream at House Rock Rapid all night–the scene of her loss of front end many years ago.


But we made it fine. It was a treat to see Vasey’s Paradise running again after years of decreasing to last fall’s pathetic dribble.

All the side streams are happy this year.

Well, I reintroduced Hetch Hetchy to Grand Canyon in style, cracking her front end in Crystal Rapid. We were just a touch too far right.


But that’s why we carry four colors of duct tape. She looks as good as new.


But I don’t.

Storms and chilly weather. Beats the summer heat.

It’s sure a nice place to “work.”

The spring convention of Flannelmouth Suckers

My favorite view in Grand Canyon–Lava Falls from Tequila Beach with my morning coffee in hand.



A nice display of Hetch Hetchy’s lines. She rowed well, but not quite as quick to turn as a Briggs boat–a wee bit narrow for her length. The lower bow was a bit wetter, but easier to move in the wind.


And back home to the shop. Hetch will dry out for a while I attend to other things. A pretty simple fix, but the drier the better.