A few stories from earlier this summer before I’m ready to acknowledge winter.

Cline Library Special Collections over at Northern Arizona University is doing a one year display in honor of Grand Canyon National Park’s 100th anniversary. They asked if they could borrow a boat. I figured my Buzz Holmstrom replica, Julius, would love to escape my dark, cold loft and show off for a while. The trick was to get her 475 pounds up the spiral stairs. Kelly at the library made a full-scale mock-up of sticks and string and found that technically, the boat could go up the curving stairwell. But she’s a bit awkward to carry around. No problem: Call the Firemen Movers.

They didn’t even slow down. Stop by Special Collections and say hi.

My friend Bruce had a wee run-in with the left side of Lava Falls and left the ends of his boat behind. Five days in the shop and she’s as good as new.

A very nice photographer named Amanda came by the shop to play, and sent me some pictures. Here I am happily at work, but I’m not sure my hands are that pleased with me.

Well, anyhow, the river season drew to a close, Andy and I ran up to Idaho to get the old Keith Stele boats, and then it was time to get to work. But there are so many things a fellow can find to do when work is about to rear its ugly head. Like play on the roof. Got to get those pine needle out of the gutters and soak in the view.  Here’s the shop as seen from the house roof.

And the house as seen from the shop roof.

You know it’s severe procrastination when a fellow cleans up three years’ worth of clutter in the boathouse loft.

And really, I don’t know how I lived this long without painting my trailer fenders in proper dory colors.

And that one forty-foot pine tree that was touching the house, being a fire hazard, and shading the solar array. Now it’s top twelve feet have become a fine Christmas tree. Flamingo tutu compliments of Astrid.