I must say, someone made some serious adjustments to Grand Canyon’s weather since I left for Maine–all of them good. The temperatures are down a good thirty degrees, and the magnificent summer monsoons are here. On the way to Lee’s Ferry:

Night Zero, at Lee’s. It’s always a good time. Just crew, no car to drive to the restaurant. Just us, the river, and the cliffs.

And what may be the most ridiculous sunset I’ve ever seen. No, I didn’t crank up the magenta values on this.

Bruce, who I built this grand oversized Briggs dory for, really wanted me to try it out with a full commercial load. So here we go. This is Bob. Bob is set up for 11′ oars, but unfortunately my shoulders are nowadays only set up for 10’6″. Fortunately I was able to borrow Lora’s 10’6″ oars that we tuned for her over the winter.

Anchored out at Little Redwall. The sunset nonsense continues.

Lora fiddles while the raviolis burn. (No, they didn’t burn. Just trying to be clever.)

Tired of sunsets yet? Me neither.

OMG. Wave #5 in Hermit full-on went nuclear under Bob and I. We landed in the left eddy, missing the entire lower half of the rapid. But it was worth it.

Lunch up in Shinumo Creek.

Tom soaking it in at Blacktail.

Lora’s nephews, Daniel on the violin, Justin appreciating.

Astrid, the world’s most fabulous Danish doctor cook partner.

Oh–and then the sun set again.

Astrid is mastering the double Dutch oven bake.

Galloway Canyon feeling a bit urpy.

Olo Canyon in the morning light.

Havasu harbor–the view from Bob.

Local loiterer.

Tessa competing in the Oreo races.

The best dinner ever: Chile relleno casserole

And another sunset.