On Thursday we assembled all ten frames. We build them directly on the lofting to ensure accuracy. Cricket and Janek built them while I ran around in confused circles.

Then we caulked and screwed in the bulkheads. A fine day’s work.

Friday I went up to the South Rim of Grand Canyon on a field trip with the AzRA crew. Great fun. We got to tour the newly de-concessioned Desert View Tower. Magnificent. And back to the salt mines this morning. We started by building the strong back and screwing it to the floor.

Then we hung all ten frames on the strongback and began truing them up.

Janek and Zasha are having their way with a problematic frame #4.

We won.

We clocked out at about 5:30, because I didn’t have it in me to figure out the bow post and transom cuts today. But at six we were still sitting there staring at it. That happens a lot around here. It’s already looking like a boat.