Enough with the talking about it already. Time to build the goddam boat. This morning we pulled the numbers off the developmental lofting, trying to parse out the boat we want from the other three variations lofted on the same sheet. Then we rolled out a fresh eighteen-foot-long page and started anew. Looks simple, eh? You figure it out.

Once the outlines were lofted we expanded all ten frame sections. Janek and Cricket are drawing out the frame sections here.

Then we actually began cutting wood for real. Clear Port Orford cedar from Oregon that’s been air-drying in my loft for three years. Sweet, sweet wood. My poor hobby planer wasn’t as excited about the project as we were and gave up the ghost halfway through. We tore into it, hot-wired it and kept on going.

We ended up with ten frame sections with all the bevels cut, ready to assemble.

And twenty-nine pounds of the sweetest shavings you’ll ever smell. Thirteen-and-a-half board feet of powder. My friend Heather wants to make some kind of extract or tincture from it. We shall see…