Well, okay, it’s not a boat. But the temporary bridge to the house that I built in about twelve minutes seven years ago was failing badly. Oriented Strand Board is not really an all-weather material. I’m pretty sure someone was going to fall through any day–probably me. So we took a few days off from the boatshop to replace it with something a bit more substantial.

Okay, way more substantial. A gigantic arched stone and concrete bridge.

When barnyard chickens feel threatened, they peck nervously at their feet. It’s called displacement activity. When I have a big boat build ahead of me I always find something that I really must do first. Like a giant stone bridge. Before I built the Edith, I suddenly needed to build thirty tool drawers and sort every tool and piece of hardware I had piled up for two decades. But I do love those drawers. And I did finally build Edith

Anyhow, we are ready to pour concrete as soon as I get back from a trip to Moab to go bicycling with old pals. Then we’re building a dory. Really.

Except my other bridge is also on the verge of collapse…