This week brought a huge procrastinatory breakthrough. The dozen oars that have been awaiting my attention in the shop–some of them for nearly a year, finally came down off the wall. Four of them needed those nasty rope wraps removed (ack, what a chore).

And then a major trim job. They each lost about three pounds, all off the outboard end. They should be quite nice to row with now.

Cricket came for her first day of work today and is learning faster than I can teach and working quicker than I can keep up with. This bodes well for the fall season. Ten oars got their final sanding today.

And new leathers. Cricket punched nearly one thousand holes for the stitching. Trial by fire.

And on they go.

And a dozen oars are getting tips. Side one went on this evening.

And it’s quitting time.

But Cricket won’t let me quit. So we fired up the blaster and cast six feet of lead slug to add a bit of weight to the inboard ends of the oars.

Now it’s really quitting time.