While killing a little time yesterday waiting for gooey epoxy to become hard enough to *sigh* sand some more, I ran the thick, heavy, neoprene outer chine strips through the shaper to round the top edge. With enough feather boards holding it in place, it went through without a fight.

Then I built a little wooden tunnel to hold it onto the table saw and pulled it through again to cut the 32° bevel on the bottom edge. Again, it worked like a charm. These will get glued to the chine tomorrow.

This morning I gave the hull its penultimate sanding and a top coat of resin to harden up the fairing. The bottom got a final coat of graphite-laced epoxy. And man alive, is that boat smooth and shiny right now. You can see the white Innegra layer showing through the 10oz glass in a few places. To someone who is used to glass getting translucent when fully saturated, the color is a bit disconcerting. It will all be painted shortly. (After one last light sanding. I need to wean myself.) Yahoo!