OSHA came by and insisted we post proper signage. Not just slow children. SLOW children.

Meanwhile the SLOW children got the hull faired and sanded, ready for its firm sexy black bottom.

Dennis came by to aid in the massive glassing and we launched into the mix. It’s a three layer bottom: a layer of 25oz biaxial glass with 3/4oz mat for excellent adhesion; a layer of the new miracle synthetic Innegra, and a top layer of 10oz glass. Saturated with about two gallons of Resin Research 2040, the resilient epoxy. Just what is Additive F? We still don’t know.


As long as you don’t do it all day every day, glassing can be fun. Well, certainly more fun than sanding glass for hours on end.

Massaging in the corners.

And a flow coat with graphite so she’ll slide of those pesky rocks better. Thar she be.