Rio Rojo‘s copper letters arrived today from A&B. What fun to position them and peel off the overcoat. They really pop.

I made the walnut grab rails today. They’ll get bolted on tomorrow.

And Janek finished the water sign on the transom.

And more that I forgot to get pictures of: I formed the minicell seat and have that ready to go in. Meanwhile Jim and I figured out the proper shape for the new Boop clone’s side panels. We think. Jim cut them out. Then we laid up a transom laminate. And Jim cut all the chine notches in his rib set. And I built all the hardware for the adjustable foot brace for the Rojo and the original Boop. Very busy day.

I’m hoping the brass will be done tomorrow and I can finish up the oarlock stands over the weekend. Rojo is getting an itchy bottom, ready to be a floating object.