Whew, it is very late at night but we did leather all the oars for the Betty Boop and the Moe. I had the chance to check the oarstop placement on an original Nevills oar, as well as a Frank Wright oar that allegedly came from Nevills. The handles of Franks oars were about an inch apart when held straight toward each other in the oarlocks. Norm’s had about two inches of cross-over. I sat in Moe for awhile checking out the feel, and must admit, Norm’s felt better. So that’s what Moe and I will be running. A lot of folks can’t stand oars that overlap, but depending on their balance, I’m pretty okay with it. Anyhow, stops go on tomorrow.

The day shift was equally productive. We got all the hatch lids to fit into their spots–five out of six were a cinch–the sixth was an absolute bastard.

The black walnut trim is going on as well. Damn that’s pretty stuff.

And I am inventing a gizmo to help me get the screw placement correct for the life-line eyelet placement. It’s so annoying to miss the rib when you are screwing them on. This little sandwich rig should give me a pretty good idea on where to shoot.

Oh look: it’s almost three ayem. See you in a few hours–