I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the gunwales in the cockpit resemble Nevills’s, without cutting out my full-length inner gunwales and replacing them with big fat ones like Nevills did. Here is how the WEN looks–a big ugly oarlock block over a fat inner gunwale:

And at the other end of the cockpit, the gunwale just ends.

I decided to cap my somewhat thinner full-length gunwales with a hollowed out bigger stick. So it looks just like Norm’s boat now, but has a lot more structural integrity. I even got some of those big ugly square nuts to hold it together. Rad.

Here is a piece of the cap I made–in the background the full cap is clamped in place to see if it works. It does.


I painted around where the oarlock block will go in to save a little awkward cutting in later.

And here are the oar blocks:

And here is Dawn taking more wild pictures of the project.

And the freshly scarfed up outer gunwale caps.

All these parts go on in the morning. Then it’s splashboards and hatches. And some more paint. Moe is gonna get all dolled up in the next few days.