The structure of Moe is essentially done. From here on out it’s all about putting on fancy clothes and jewelry. Hatch lids, latches, hinges, touch-up paint, lettering, ropes, and miscellaneous other hardware. From here on out every project will be very visible and, I hope, rewarding. Not that they haven’t been all along—just moreso.

This morning I made and installed the last splash board, trying to extract a very strange shape from the photos and lines drawings. I succeeded: it is very strange shaped.

Greg came by and I cruelly handed him a steel toothbrush, a stinky bottle of Brasso, rubber gloves, and a pile of ancient hardware I got on eBay—icebox latches of the style Nevills used. Go get ’em.

Unfazed, Greg found, after a lot of scrubbing, the treasures beneath the gunk.

Turns out Nevills must have shopped at the same store Wylie Coyote did.

Meanwhile I built the hatch landings which, hopefully, will be fairly watertight. We’ll see about that.


Greg brought his Hutchinson-built miniature Cataract boat to commune with Auntie Moe.

After dinner I finished the hatch landings and slopped a coat of Hunter Green in the cockpit. Wow. Big change. If I didn’t know better I’d say this is a cataract boat.