As predicted, a healthy dump greeted Flagstaff this morning. Of snow, that is. By noon I finished procrastinating, revived the snowblower from hibernation, screwed up its transmission, but got the driveway cleared.

We finished the transom and got it upright and perfectly placed in space, with high tension strapping to make sure it doesn’t move.

Likewise the bow post is now where it should remain relative to the vessel. We dared challenge fate and measure the actual distance between the bowpost and transom once all was firmly locked in place. Amazing–it was within a sixteenth of an inch. We got one more set of ribs assembled and in place, though I seem to have forgotten to take that one last picture.

By using the precision of the lofting, we are able to fully frame out the boat. Once we get her sides and floor on and roll her up, she will be nearly done. Pretty cool.

More ribwork tomorrow. A few folks are coming by to help so we may get a couple teams in action and get a mess of stuff done. Fingers crossed.