I am finally home after the longest season of commercial boating I have done in more than twenty years. Yikes. Here are a few shots from the rio.

Redwall Cavern in the morning

LSD for lunch

Upper Buck Farm in the evening

Old Ben Beamer’s place

Jupiter at noon at Tuna Creek

Waterfalls and rockfalls at Silver Grotto

Slot Canyon hiking in the rain–Tom Myers calls these “casinos of stone.”

The new version of Hance Rapid, with the old left run fully closed out by a debris flow

And the far bigger debris flow at National Canyon; YouTube search: “national canyon flash” to see Joe Clark’s video of this happening

AzRA caught OARS at Deer Creek and had more dories than they did; our five are on the left

Morning at the office

Leaving Blacktail

Fern Glen with a running falls and a pool–never seen it like that before

Dan running Lava forward

Dennis running it backward–hey, whatever works

Evening light at Tequila Beach

Storm in the Hurricane fault zone

More acid