AzRA is building up a small fleet of aluminum dories and I get to help design and construct them. We had raw hulls built in Oregon of the old Briggs AlumiWeld design and shipped down for us to deck. Here is Jim the welder at Mayorga’s Welding in Flagstaff, talking to Fred about what we want. Jim is an awesome welder. We pushed quite a bit more rocker and bow breadth into her.

Here is Jim’s awesome welding

We are going with AquaGard, a water-based roll-on marine paint, for low toxicity and ease of the inevitable touch up. Decks are the color of sand.

Gunwales are of Modesto Ash, courtesy of Pacific Coast Lumber, transport by Jim MacKenzie, milling by Dan Dierker

Roy and Jim attaching deck hardware

An adjustable seat

And an adjustable foot brace

And seven oarlock positions for dwarves, giants, and those between

Umbrella holding handrail, inspired by Kelly Neu’s Zizumara

She floats

And boats

And has nonskid decks

Plays well with others

But responds poorly to hitting the Whale Rock in Hance Rapid at 20 mph. My bad.