A Grand Canyon trip  suddenly materialized, luring me downriver and interrupting the flow of things at the boatworks. I’m back for a week or so, then off again. Before I left we rolled Julius right-side up again, sanded and re-caulked the decks, and Jim rebuilt the hatch lids. While I was afloat Jim kept plugging away, attending to details and rubbing in more love. The old boy is ready to rock again.

Still to do: 
Re-burn in the name Julius on the bow (the old letters faded away–I think I really only burned the oil last time, not the actual wood.)
Build a couple side-boxex, like I did with the Edith. They aren’t authentic, but they sure keep the cockpit flooding down and add greatly to the convenience of stowage. Especially since I am the lunch boat next month.
Go boating.