Making my weekly rounds to the Dollar Store, I found an unexpected treasure trove: a rack of Betty Crocker silicone implements. And kitchen scissors! And measuring cups! All quite nice and practically for free. I bought thirty bucks’ worth.

The scissors seem to rip through biaxial cloth without flinching. The cups are quite festive in the epoxy additives. But I am most excited about the silicone spatulas and basting brushes. You can trim the brush short, trim the spatulas to whatever shape and stiffness you want.

So exciting. Anyhow, we pull the side box out of its clamps,

drop it in the boat (it fits–amazing!) and begin to lay up the sides of the second one. Then we mix up some epoxy. 

We paint straight resin on the joints with the basting brush, then spooge the epoxy along the joints with a ziplock bag cut like a pastry bag, then fillet the joints with the custom-trimmed spatulas.

Then set the yucky, sticky tools down, have a beer and go back to the house.

Later, when the epoxy kicks, just bend the silicone. It really doesn’t stick very well to anything.

Not even the basting brush.

Boom, like that. All ready for the next batch. Plastic squeegees are supposed to clean up like that, but they never do. Silicone does. And the price is right.

Meanwhile, Jim is burning in the name. Smells good in here.