After a couple days prepping and taking care of other details, life, etc. (here’s Dan grinding and puffing the Euphrates)…

…we hit the shop hard at about nine o’clock this morning. Greg Loehr of Resin Research not only sold us the resin, but drove up from Tucson to deliver it and lead the charge laminating the new bottoms. That’s a full service epoxy man.

Dennis is back on his feet, more or less, after his losing argument with a water taxi propellor in Belize last December. He adopted the role of mix monkey, supplying the team with resin. Jim ran interference taking care of whatever the rest of us were missing, and Dan and I were lowly squeegee-ers.

Dennis and Jim admiring Lodore in her silky whites before the juices get flowing.

The juices get flowing.

Greg spreading goo.

Pushing out the bubbles through 25oz biaxial glass, Xynole, and 6oz cover glass, all-to-oncet.

Why is everyone laughing?

You can’t keep a good man down. Trimming the green glass before it’s too hard to handle.

Four and a half hours later, including a pizza break, the bottoms are flow-coated with graphite and resin, and are firming up in the wood-fired shop. Lodore and Euphrates are far better equipped for their next conversation with a midstream immovable object. Dang, if Greg hadn’t short-circuited so many of our favorite hard ways to do things, we could still be up to our elbows in goo. I guess making 35,000 surfboards helps you to refine the technique.