I love it when I get to plane Port Orford cedar. The whole shop fills with the most amazing odor, full of memories of decades of living aboard a Briggs boat in Grand Canyon in the ’70s and ’80s. When I was so much younger, more flexible and resilient, and things didn’t hurt so much. And memories of coastal Oregon, talking to Buzz Holmstrom’s brother and going to the mill. Rolf said, “You are going to love working with this wood. It’s like butter.” I gave a handful of P.O. cedar shavings to the daughter of a dory boatman friend of mine a while back. She smelled them, smiled, and said “Home.”

Here, smell this:


All of that to make a bunch of little sticks for the hatch lid frames.

Meanwhile we laid up our eight experimental dory bottoms. Some of those thick fabrics like Core Mat and Biaxial Glass are really thirsty. Dan was looking under the table to see if the fabric was leaking resin out the bottom. Nope. Just really thirsty. Tomorrow we wreck ’em.