Well, I met my goals for the day, almost. I got all the remaining deck pieces cut, fit, marked for screws, drilled, countersunk, undercoated, and epoxy saturated, and the boat interior re-coated and ready to cover up. The part I missed was getting it done before midnight. Oh well. This shot is the left rear deck being clamped in place to mark.

Where the front and rear deck covers meet on the gunwale, they overlap by an barely a half-inch on one edge, but a good inch-and-a-half on the other. A half inch isn’t that good for a scarf joint, but an inch-and-a-half is. So I took what I could get and made a weird, twisted scarf. In the shot below, the diminishing lines are not perspective. That’s a twisted bevel.

And they went together just fine. That babyshit paint stain in the bow footwell has got to go though.

All deck boards cut, fit, and in place.

Then removed again for undercoating. While that was drying by the wood stove I dealt with the dirty diaper stain and recoated the interior.

And sometime after midnight the deck boards got flipped right-side-up and saturated with epoxy. 

Tomorrow should be fun. If I can wake up.