In July I flew back east ostensibly for my 40th high school reunion, but really to go see Lora and go play with our lovechild Ruby the banks dory.

A heron waiting for lunch to swim by


Ruby is as lovely as ever. Maybe more so.

I took my leathering gear back to upgrade her oars.

The boating snacks go well with the wood and leather.

Ruby gets her annual oiling.

She likes it.

It makes her glow.

On Saturday we rowed into town for the big event: the lobster boat races.

Huge boats built to troll, bellowing along at top speed.

Flat out goofy.

Not streamlined. But loud.

Fierce competitors.

In case something goes awry, they are ready. 

An altered image.

And an unaltered one. Must have been something we ate. The dory is turning into an afghan hound.

Or maybe it was something we drank. Port goes well with dories.

The camera must have sipped some too.

Really, it looked like this.