Damn. Colds can kick a feller’s ass. Tonight was the first night since we floated Edith that I’ve been well enough to realize it’s almost midnight in the boatshop. Good to be back on my feet.

Most of the week was I was either laid low, doing computer stuff, or tinkering a bit in the shop. Tonight I built Edith’s high-speed keel. Galloway and Stone, in 1909, had removable keels (or skags, or skegs) on their boats to make flatwater rowing easier and faster. The Kolbs followed their recommendation. Here’s a shot of them removing the keel as they enter the rapid stretch of the upper Green:

(If you cross your eyes just right you can see this in stereo)

And since Edith’s first big trip starts with 120 miles of flatwater, I figured I’d better see what the skags were all about. Making the skeg was easy. Making the embedded hardware to bolt them into took a little longer. I’ll finish this silliness tomorrow.


And the sideboxes are about done as well. They took almost all my clamps at once to pull together:

The wind is howling tonight. Might be our last blast of winter. Back to springtime on Wednesday.