Edith and I took a time-out from each other for about three days. She rested in the boathouse while I rested in my house, doing dorky computer stuff and getting my life in order for the next seven months of boating. But this afternoon I went down, rolled her on her side and replaced all the drywall screws I had used on the bottom in lieu of the bronze screws (which arrived yesterday).

Now I am getting ready to outfit the cockpit. My steel library boxes will fit snugly under the seat, adding ballast, displacing water, and supporting the bendy seat board. Three duffle bags fit perfectly behind the seat. And I am beginning to create two large water-resistant side boxes.

I still need to leather the oars and make a way to affix the spares to the boat, but that’s really about it.
Here is the view from outside the shop tonight during the bottom-screwing process:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.