Oh what fun. To just mess around, with the vast majority of the boat complete. Here is this evening’s big move–replicating the coolest of the Kolb modifications, the oar rests. Most of the photos of the original, and the original itself, show a much cruder arrangement that evolved after they busted things up a bit. I went with the best looking iteration: 


Jessica hadn’t seen Edith in weeks and came by with a bottle of red wine and her camera, so we shot artsy pictures for a few hours. Here’s Edith showing off her stuff. Can you spot the piece of red oak Ed snuck into the white oak pile?


These hatches are almost as pretty as they are going to be a pain in the ass to pack on a fourteen day Grand Canyon trip. Standing on my head, hoping I don’t fall in… 


But at least I’ll be in an interesting place if I fall in:


Okay. Say good night, Brad. 


Good night, Brad.