Well, she’s decked. It went surprisingly well—just a few high spots that quickly succumbed to the belt sander.  And much as I regretted covering the wild architecture, the decking looks kind of cool too. At least I think it does. But part of that is how curious I have been to see how they conformed to those wacky deck arches. The stern deck went on in the afternoon.


And the foredeck went on after dinner.





The decks get sanded down and oiled, probably tomorrow, and I get to figure out how to stretch the bomber canvas over them and tack it on. My current thought is to varnish the canvas, since I have not yet thought of a sweet color to paint it. If that goes south, I can always paint over the varnish. 

Meanwhile, there’s a bit of cockpit outfitting to do. Oarlocks, floorboards, splash guards. And the hatch coamings and lids.